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UC Riverside Partners to Assist Scandinavian Companies Enter the US Market

RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( – University of California, Riverside’s Office of Technology Partnerships (UCR) has entered into a partnership with Irvine, CA firm GotoMarketUSA to help bring technologies from Scandinavia to the United States.

Since 2016 the UCR team has worked in Latin America providing innovation ecosystem development support, entrepreneurial training, startup incubation in the United States, and technology transfer consulting to governments and academic institutions in the region.  The partnership with GotoMarketUSA gives the UCR team access to Scandinavia, a new international market.

Through the new partnership UCR will provide market validation support to GotoMarketUSA’s clients in Scandinavia that wish to penetrate the US market.  UCR expert mentors will work with the Scandinavian teams, starting with a team from Finland, to better understand the US business ecosystem, their customer segment and the value they bring to those customers with the goal of developing a solid route to market.   

“Scandinavia has excellent research, and innovative technologies that could make a difference in the US market.  In partnership with GotoMarketUSA we are focusing on assisting Nordic cleantech companies that are aligned with our effort to build the OASIS Hub for sustainable technologies in the Inland Empire” said Rosibel Ochoa, associate vice chancellor for technology partnerships at UCR.

GotoMarketUSA’s clients span various industries and levels of development, and due to language, cultural, and North American business knowledge barriers, trust them to support the process to evaluate and penetrate the US market.  The UCR team will act as an extension of GotoMarketUSA, specifically focused on a select group of technologies.  “The UCR team and their mentor network is invaluable for our clients that have less experience commercializing products in the US.  We are looking forward to bringing more clients and potentially incubating them in Riverside.” Said Torbjorn Millang, CEO of GotoMarketUSA.

For more information on UCR Office of Technology Partnerships visit their website. Learn more about GotoMarketUSA here.