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Riverside Angel Summit

The 2021 Riverside Angel Summit is a program created to foster a thriving angel investment culture in the Riverside region by connecting investors to high-quality, vetted local entrepreneurs. Together we can build a strong local ecosystem where innovation and entrepreneurship can thrive. 
Data Webinar

Part III: Competing via the Four Dimensions of Data Ethics 

Big Data, machine learning and AI define our present and our future. But certain companies seem to leverage these technologies far better than everyone else, leaving all others at a disadvantage. As an entrepreneur -- within a big company or a small one -- how can you craft a data strategy that enables you to compete and succeed in the modern landscape of data-driven business?

Latest News

UC Riverside Host Virtual Mission for Chilean Entrepreneurs

A growing entrepreneurial ecosystem, a welcoming city and robust programs to help them succeed are some of the takeaways for the visiting innovators.

Riverside Angel Summit finalists are promising medical, agricultural, and energy startups

The four finalists were founded in Riverside County and are developing with support of the UC Riverside Office of Technology Partnerships